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It really is all about you and your organization.  The first step is to listen...I need to learn everything I can about your business, your situation and your objectives.  I call it the Deep Dive.

Image by Amy Lister

Getting to

Know You

I'll spend time with you and your team so that  I can learn everything you can tell me about the project, the background, wins, losses, strengths, weaknesses. 


I believe that research is the foundation to providing clients with meaningful, actionable and pragmatic advice.  


I'll do my own research, delve into whatever you can provide to me and may recommend secondary research if required. 

Marinate & Ruminate

Once I have an understanding of the situation and have completed the research, I will take time to look at it from all angles and consider the implications of any recommended courses of action.

Plan & Execute

I will work with you to develop a plan that is well-informed, considered, pragmatic and has the best chance to ACCOMPLISH


Recommendations will always be in the best interests of your organization.

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